How To Save Money On Residential Roof Replacement

To save money on a residential roof replacement, there are several comprehensive steps you can take. Not everyone can afford the out-of-pocket cost of replacing their roof, but there are ways to save.

We’re here to help educate you on the process and offer cash-savings tips before you schedule your renovation.

Fortunately, several strategies exist to lower the cost of your home improvement services. Read on to learn about how to save money on residential roof replacement.


Conduct Thorough Research

To avoid expensive, complicated roof replacements, do your homework beforehand by asking trusted friends, relatives, and neighbors for references. Check out contractor websites and product manufacturer reviews for more information.

This will allow you to find recent reviews of certified professional roofing companies, helping you identify the best one for the job. Be sure to research credentials, experience, and overall value, rather than choosing the contractor with the lowest price.

Understand Your Price Factors

The first step to saving money on a residential roof replacement is knowing how to estimate the cost accurately. Before scheduling services, you need to budget for labor and roofing materials. Some projects are more expensive than others.  The price will vary depending on your roof size, pitch, slope, or system components. Moreover, your quoted price can also change based on the type of roof removed and the number of existing layers. Infinity Roofing can come to your home to inspect your roof for size, type, and materials needed and provide you with a free quote.


Schedule At The Proper Timing

Next, schedule your new roof installation at the proper time. While it varies based on company, most roofers are at their busiest in late summer through early fall. Of course, this often leads to elevated labor costs for residential services. To potentially lower your residential roof replacement cost, try to schedule your service outside of these months. This can help you potentially access lower prices or off-season discounts.


Review Your Financing Options

Be sure to review your financing options early on if you need third-party financing for your roof replacement. Infinity Roofing offers $0 down and interest-free payments for 12 Months through our partnership with Ally Bank. View our roof financing page to learn more about our payment options.


Utilize Your Homeowners Insurance

Since you are already paying for your homeowner’s property insurance, please use it whenever possible. Traditionally, your homeowner’s insurance will cover any roof damage that is not caused by neglect. Of course, your insurance will assist you if the damage results from natural elements or a sudden accidental event. Naturally, this can help you reduce upfront expenses and your overall liability. Unfortunately, many roofs older than twenty years have minimal coverage. Tap into your homeowner’s insurance to maximize your residential roof replacement savings.

There are several advanced techniques to save money on residential roofing services. First off, be sure to conduct thorough research beforehand. In addition, you need to budget for labor and roofing materials. Next, schedule your residential roof replacement at the proper time. Then, be sure to review your financing options early on. Furthermore, utilize your homeowner’s insurance to reduce your required upfront costs. Follow the points outlined above to learn how to save money on residential roof replacement in New Jersey and New York.

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