Important Roofing Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Home

Important Roofing Questions to Ask Before Buying a New Home

Buying a home is a big financial investment for most people. In a hot real estate market, homebuyers may be tempted to make an unconditional offer to purchase a property, often turning a blind eye to the roof to win the bid.

When buying a new home, in addition, to knowing about the neighborhood, the property, and the square footage of your home, it would be best if you also asked about the property’s roof.

Before making an offer on your new home, continue reading to learn about the Top Roofing Questions to Ask.

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How old is the home’s roof?

If the roof is nearing the end of its expected life cycle, consult a contractor about the possibility of a roof replacement. A roof inspection is usually the best way to know what you’re getting. Generally, a brand-new roofing system is ideal as it guarantees zero issues for a long time.

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Has there been any roof damage?

Depending on the contractor, roof repairs may not always meet the industry standard. To avoid spending money on subpar work, ensure your roof is inspected and repaired only by experienced and skilled professionals. It would help to check for visual signs of poor workmanship: overlapping shingles, mismatched roofing materials, and nailing mistakes.

Who Installed the Roof?

Ask the seller about the date of purchase and the roofing company that installed it. Review the company’s background to feel more certain about your decision.

Do You Have a Roof Warranty, and is it Transferable?

The warranty on a new roof may not be transferable to the new owner of the home. Be sure to check the warranty document to see if it is transferable. This will ensure that you are still protected against roof damage if it should occur.

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