How Local Roofers Montclair NJ Install Replacement Rooftops

There are several steps residential roofers Monclair NJ install replacement rooftops. Undoubtedly, roof replacement is one of the most important structural adjustments to the home. Indeed, old, brittle roof shingles are often more vulnerable to water damage, moss, and mold growth. As a property owner in the market for a roof replacement, you need to know what steps professional roofing companies take to install a new roof. This way, you can know what to expect throughout the process and understand how your investment will pay off for the safety of your home. Read on to learn about how residential roofers Montclair NJ install replacement rooftops.

Set Up Proper Protection

First, Montclair NJ residential roof contractors set up proper protection before they install your new roof. Typically, professionals will start by tarping the ground for the dumping zone. In addition, they often use terms to cover your shrubs and landscaping. Importantly, your roofers will likely make sure all of your vehicles are moved our of your driveway. Often, they do this for your convenience, so you can come and go easily as they work on your roof. Of course, this also protects your vehicles by keeping them away from any stray debris that could fall from your roof. If you have a swimming pool, your roofers will likely cover this as well to ensure byproducts do not enter the water and clog your filter. Definitely, residential roofers in Montclair New Jersey set up proper protection to ensure a safe installation.

Remove The Old Roof

Next, your Montclair NJ roofing installers work to remove your old roof. For maximum safety, professionals usually wear a safety harness or utilize similar equipment to prevent falls. Often, roofers start by prying the ridge caps loose, so the shingles can come off easier. In addition, they usually work from the top down in two-to-three-foot sections. Since shingles can be heavy, this makes it easier to toss material from edge of the roof into the trash receptacle below. Indeed, shingles can be heavy materials. Additionally, roofers usually dispose of old valley flashing and vent flashing before placing new materials on your roof. Undoubtedly, residential Montclair roofing installers must remove your old roof before they can replace it.

Install Underlayment

Once your old roof is removed, your Montclair NJ roofing company must install the underlayment. Importantly, the underlayment creates a barrier between your roofing and decking material. This is critical to prevent moisture damage. Often, roofers provide two options for your underlayment materials. Traditionally, contractors recommend asphalt-saturated felt underlayment or roofing papers. These tend to be a reliable and affordable option for more residential homes. On the other hand, sometimes installers recommend synthetic underlayment. Often, this works better for metal roofing projects, as it is resistant to rotting and cracks. Absolutely, Montclair NJ licensed roof companies install the underlayment for a protective foundational layer.

Apply Proper Flashing & Drip Edge

Moreover, Montclair roof installation companies also apply proper flashing and drip edge. Typically, professionals nail valley flashing where two roof planes meet. Then, they seal it with caulk or a similar product. This is critical to prevent water leakage throughout your roof’s lifespan. In addition, roofers typically apply drip edging around the eave and gable sides of the room. Sometimes, professionals install ice dam protection in certain areas of your roof as well. Notably, an ice guard membrane is a synthetic waterproof barrier. It can prevent melting ice from backing up under your shingles and penetrating through the sheathing. Certainly, Montclair NJ roofers must apply proper flashing and drip edge for a successful installation.

Install New Roof Materials & Inspect Site

Lastly, your Montclair NJ roofing company installs your new roof materials and inspects the site. Notably, this step may vary slightly from roof to roof, as there are many different types of roofing materials. Commonly, residents choose asphalt shingles because they are readily obtainable, cheap, and keep replacement costs low. In addition, many roofers have access to durable, high quality brands, such as GAF asphalt shingles. Of course, you might also choose from metal or slate tiles, depending on your preferences. Once your roofing material is installed, your roofing company will typically conduct a detailed inspection to ensure the project passes essential safety checks. Surely, the best roofers in Montclair take great great care to install your roof materials and inspect the site.

There are several steps residential roofers Montclair NJ install replacement rooftops. First, professionals set up proper protection to ensure your property and vehicles are kept safe. Next, GAF certified New Jersey roofers will remove the old roof. Once your old shingles are properly disposed of, roofers install the underlayment. In addition, they must apply proper flashing and drip edge. Lastly, roofing companies install your chose roof materials and inspect the site. Consider these points to learn about how residential roofers Montclair NJ install replacement rooftops.