5 Most Important Questions To Ask Roof Installers Saddle River NJ


When getting a roof replacement or repair, there are several most important questions to ask roof installer Saddle River NJ. Undoubtedly, choosing a trustworthy roofing contractor is critical. After all, rooftops are one of the most important structures to protect your living environment. As a homeowner in the market for a roof replacement or repair, you need to know what questions to ask your roofing installers. Indeed, the asking the right questions is key to find an installation company who uses quality materials and has proper licenses. Read on to learn about the most important questions to ask roof installers Saddle River NJ.

What Are Your Licenses & Certifications?

First, it is essential to ask your Saddle River New Jersey roofing contractors about their licenses and certifications. Ideally, you should look for a company who is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Of course, it’s best to look for a roof installer with a positive A rating as well. In addition, you should look for a roofing contractor who is GAF Master Elite Certified. Importantly, GAF annually verifies contractor licenses, insurance, and years in business before granting their factory-certified designation. Since it is so thorough, only 2% of roofers in the U.S. meet the qualifications for the GAF certified roofers New Jersey. Absolutely, check your Saddle River NJ roofing installers licenses and certifications to ensure they are top quality.

What Type Of Insurance Do You Have?

Next, you should ask what type of insurance your prospective Saddle River NJ roofing installers have. Ideally, you should look for a roofing contracting company who has worker’s compensation insurance. Notably, some contracting companies skip out on this to keep their prices lower. If an employee gets injured on your property without this insurance, you can end up paying thousands of dollars in medical bills. In addition, check that your roofing contractor has general liability insurance as well. This is critical to cover your actual property, should any accident occur. Fortunately, the GAF Master Elite Certification ensures roofers are properly insured to provide quality service to their customers. Definitely, ask what types of insurance your Saddle River roofers have before you sign any contracts.

Where Is Your Business Located?

In addition, ask where the Saddle River roof contracting company is located as you choose which one to hire. For the best results, you should choose roofing replacement contractors Passaic or other local NJ areas. Ideally, you should check their website or ask them about their physical office location. This ensures you know where to find them in case you have any additional questions or need to meet with them to discuss services. In addition, local roofing companies know what codes to follow and what paperwork is required. Indeed, this is essential to ensure your roof is installed correctly and complies with local requirements. Certainly, ask where your roofing contractor company is located to ensure they can properly service your Saddle River NJ home.

What Types Of Roofing Materials Do You Offer?

Moreover, you should also inquire about your Saddle River NJ’s roofing materials. Typically, asphalt shingles is the most common option that roofers have to offer. Notably, GAF shingles are the #1 best-selling asphalt shingles. With excellent durability and wind resistance, this is a high quality option to protect your home’s structure. In addition, GAF asphalt shingles have a wide selection of styles and colors. Plus, they are covered under a limited lifetime warranty. Of course, you can always ask your contracting company about other options. For example, some roofers offer tile, clay, and slate options as well. Undoubtedly, ask what types of roofing materials your Saddle River NJ roofing contractor has to offer.

What Steps Do You Take To Protect My Property?

Lastly, you should ask what steps your Saddle River NJ roofing installer takes to protect your property. Typically, top roofers cover anything that could be damaged from falling debris. For example, they may cover your deck, pool, or nearby shrubs with tarp. In addition, some contractors put plastic up on ceilings or make a tent to shield your attic from debris. Roofers may move everything off of your patio or deck to ensure that it does not get damaged as well. Of course, they also bring a dumpster and often ask you to keep vehicles away from the side of the house as well. By knowing how your contractor protects your home, you can ensure you partner with a new roof installation Wayne NJ company you can trust or one that is nearby. In short, inquire what steps your Saddle River NJ roofers take to protect your property.

There are several most important questions to ask roof installer Saddle River NJ. First, you should ask what licenses and certifications your contractor has. Next, inquire about their insurance. In addition, ask where their business is located to ensure they are near your region. Moreover, check what type of materials they offer. Furthermore, ask what steps your installer takes to protect your property. Ask your roof installer Saddle River NJ these most important questions when getting a roof replacement or repair.